Are You Wondering What’s Your Body Shape?

Once you identify your body type, whether it is apple-shaped, pear-shaped, or hourglass-shaped, you can choose the most flattering clothing. 

Many of us have looked in the mirror and tried to determine our body shape, but what we see in the mirror is a different shape than what we really are.


The complete guide includes illustrated drawings of the necklines, sleeves, tops, jackets, coats, dresses, skirts, trousers, shoes, handbags & scarves to suit your body type.

Which Body Shape Do You Think You Are?

Pear Body Shape, Athletic Body Shape, Hourglass Body Shape, Apple Body Shape, Top Heavy Body Shape

The Pear Body Shape Characteristics Are;

Pear-shaped ladies rock outfits when they create an impression of balance. As the name suggests, the Pear shape tends to have wider hips and thighs than your shoulders and bust, as well as a defined waist that’s pretty narrow when comparing it to your hips. So, let’s learn, garment by garment, how to make the most of that juicy Pear body of yours!

  • You have a small bust, curvy hips and you're usually bottom heavy
  • Your waist is narrower than your hips

The Athletic Body Shape Characteristics Are;

Athletic body shapes are what many women strive for. Toned and slender, having this figure makes you look like you’re regularly dedicating yourself to the workout of your life.

  • Your shoulders, waist and hips are in line
  • Slim with small bust and hips
  • Your body shape is more angular than curvy
  • Your body shape can be seen as athletic


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The Hourglass Body Shape Characteristics Are;

The famous hour-glass shape is oh so beautiful. The shape of an hourglass is all about balance and harmony, with the two areas meeting in the middle.

  • Your body shape is naturally curvaceous with medium to wide shoulders
  • You have a defined waist
  • You have a fuller bust
  • You have curvy hips

The Apple Body Shape Characteristics Are;

First thing’s first: it’s a total myth that apple shapes are always plus size women. The Apple shape can have curves, just like they can be slim. Generally speaking, Apple shapes have shoulders and hips that are more or less the same width, a fuller bust, and don’t have a defined waistline. 

  • Your shoulders are wider than your hips
  • You have slim legs & arms
  • You have a flatter bottom
  • You don’t have a defined waist & carry your weight around your tummy area

The Top Heavy Body Shape Characteristics Are;

When you have a top heavy body type (strawberry), you probably realise that you have a large bust, a defined waist, and small hips. My goal with this body shape depends on the personality of the lady, but ultimately it is to draw attention away from the chest.

  • You have a large bust with a defined waist & hips
  • You have gently rounded shoulders that align with your hips
  • Your body is slightly rounded to create a great front & side profile


Meet Lisa Talbot, an Award Winning Personal Stylist

Hello, I’m Lisa Talbot, an Award Winning Personal Stylist who has been in the industry for 14 years. Since then have worked with hundreds of clients, many of whom are repeat customers. I originally trained as an Image consultant with the Federation of Image consultants and furthered my styling education with the London College of Style a few years later.


I am a huge believer that your wardrobe and the clothes you wear should reflect your personality, lifestyle and body shape and that there must be flexibility within this to create a wardrobe that really works for you.