A person takes a mirror selfie, partially obscured by their phone, wearing a Zara wide-leg jumpsuit adorned with golden buttons. The navy color of the jumpsuit adds depth to the simplicity of the outfit, matched with understated white sneakers for a look that's both casual and chic.

Top 4 Jumpsuits For Your Wardrobe This Season

February 21, 2024

Why do I like jumpsuits so much? I like to think of them as a dress with legs & in my mind the dress is the unsung hero of the wardrobe, underwear, shoes & go!

I’ve been taking a browse & have found you the ones I like the best.

Now, I know they are not always the easiest garment to get the perfect fit so here’s 4 different styles that all fit slightly differently.

Why is the Jumpsuit Trending?

The resurgence of the jumpsuit came in 2023 & it represents fashion that is all about making life easy for those that wear them. They celebrate versatility in so many ways, wear them for work, in the park with the children, at an event or just around the house. With so many different ones to choose from, think what fabric you prefer, which ones is really your style personality.

Can all women wear a Jumpsuit

This is a question I get asked alot and, yes, all women can wear a Jumpsuit ( if you like them ) but each one of us will choose the style & colour we like the most & the one that flatters us the best. Think of the colour, would you prefer a denim or do you fancy a khaki or black? Which fabric would you like, cotton, silk or denim?

The main thing about a jumpsuit is to get the length of the rise right, you might find some are slightly too long as you may be shorter in the body, it’s not usually the length that is the problem but the length of the rise, I would highly recommend that you try them on if you get the opportunity before buying

High Street Jumpsuits

3 Outfit ideas for your Jumpsuit

  1. Blue Denim jumpsuit, trainers, midi wool coat & cross body bag
  2. Black silk utility jumpsuit, pointed toe heels, metallic clutch bag
  3. Black cotton jumpsuit, chunky ankle boot, rucksack & bomber jacket ( my favourite )

Which one is your favourite?

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